Myself (left) alongside Bronx artist KJ (right).

Myself (middle) alongside By Tianna Osbourne CEO, Tianna (left), and Rebels Worldwide CEO, Kam (right).

Myself (left) alongside NYC artist Swavo SB (right).

“I make that sh*t they gon play back!”

“She get neaky, she get freaky for bucks.”

Brooklyn artist Skelly Caps.

“B*itch I’m a stomper, I don’t really step!”

Myself (left) alongside writer & visionary GG Juliano (right).

Myself (right) alongside rising Bronx artist Nas EBK (left).

Myself (right) alongside Brooklyn writer & poet Rickey Strachan (left).

Da Hood Journal

A platform for talent brewing across NYC to be introduced to the world.

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