Nas EBK Interview

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2 min readJul 18, 2021
Myself (right) alongside rising Bronx artist Nas EBK (left).

This interview wasn’t supposed to happen.

Here’s a quick story.

With the help of my little brother, I got in contact with rising Bronx artist Nas EBK, in an attempt to set up an interview in June.

We settled on a date during the following week. However, when Nas had to reschedule, I was really disappointed.

The same scene unfolded with other drill artists I reached out to. If you wanted to work, they’d either lead you on or won’t respond.

And because of that, I didn’t think the interview would happen.

The next Saturday, the day the interview was originally scheduled for, I was boarding the train, en route to Brooklyn for two other interviews I had planned.

As I boarded the train, I get a text from Nas that read, “what time do you want me to pull up today?”

Despite already having two meetings lined up, without hesitation, I told him to meet up with me later that evening.

I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

His name was buzzing across the city. I already knew what a conversation with him could do for my platform.

Fast-forwarding to the interview itself, it went great. Once you take time to get to know Nas, you learn that he’s down-to-earth, and misunderstood.

There’s more to his personality than what he portrays in music videos & his tattoos.

Also shoutout to his close friends, Chevy & Zo, who accompanied him during our conversation.

They want to see their brother succeed. Exactly how he wants to see them win.

With that being said, this interview introduced my platform to a new audience & helped get my work the exposure it needed.

That wouldn’t have been the case without Nas.

A lot of drill rappers never gave me the time of day when I reach out to them.

But Nas did.

That’s why I’m so appreciative of him because he believed in me enough to make this sit-down happen.

Therefore, a special shoutout goes to Nas, Chevy, and Zo. Wishing nothing but success for these guys, I’m forever rooting for them.

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