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2 min readNov 27, 2021
Snippet on IGTV from our interview with Siri Dinero.

I used to listen to Siri Dinero in the 9th-grade.

I’d bump his 2016 debut tape Shit Will Never Be The Same religiously en route to school.

By far one of my favorite acts at the time, Siri is a talented artist who mixed sweet melody with heartbreak & pain only few could relate to.

Anywhere you went, you would hear listeners humming the words “money over love”, deriving from the catchy chorus of Siri’s most notable record.

For an extended stretch, he had New York City in a frenzy.

In an era that’s seen melodic acts like & reach great heights, it was only a matter of time till Siri would join them

Then, he quickly fell below the radar.

For whatever reason, he wouldn’t drop music as often. He wasn’t as relevant anymore.

However, from time to time both his name & that magical stretch in 2016 would be mentioned.

That’s a testament to Siri’s talent.

With that being said, I was excited & blessed to get the chance to interview Siri.

I learned a ton about the Baltimore-born, Bronx-raised artist.

AND, he’s eager to prove those who wrote him off, wrong.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. My boy Siri refused to hold anything back.

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