Zay Munna Interview

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1 min readNov 27, 2021
Myself (left) alongside Bronx artist Zay Munna (right).


My favorite thing about journalism is the opportunity to rub elbows with my favorite artists & creators.

This conversation was a perfect representation of that.

Artist Zay Munna, known for his ep Frm The Gates, and records like “ Munna Story” & “ Graphic “ is one of the more underrated acts in the Bronx.

Zay, along with AP, Poppa, Lucky, and Juiceski made me comfortable in their space.

It felt as if we were friends for years.

During the hour-long dialogue, we talked about dealing with police, mental health, their high-profile counterparts in the music industry, and more.

There’s a ton to take away from this dialogue.

With that being said, make sure you tap into our conversation out now!

Definitely looking forward to working with Zay & the Munnas in the future.

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